BioSync Website is a Valuable Resource for Structural Biologists




The redesigned web resource, BioSync, can be found in the Methods Hub of the PSI Structural Biology Knowledgebase and contains information on beamlines, structural genomics statistics, and more.


Originally started as a website to provide basic information about the small number of synchrotron beamlines used for macromolecular crystallographers, BioSync ( has metamorphosed into a structural biologists’ guide to high-energy data collection facilities. This newly redesigned web resource includes detailed information about the more than 130 beamlines worldwide that are used to collect experimental data on biological macromolecules. The beamline scientists provide information on the actual conditions of the beamline for data collection and the services offered to users (e.g., remote data collection and robotics for crystal screening and mounting).

BioSync also boasts the latest statistics on global structural genomics efforts. These facts are updated every week based on deposition of structures into the Protein Data Bank and broken down by site and geographical region. Images of any publicly available structures solved at a specific beamline are displayed and link to their entries in the PDB. However, these data and gallery of images are interesting to a wider audience than the structural biology community. As Judy Flippen-Anderson, one of the caretakers of the BioSync website, points out, “The statistics are critical to both the operators of the beamlines and the people who fund them.” Since its inception in 1990, BioSync has expanded its original user base of x-ray crystallographers to include other structural biologists, beamline scientists, and funding agencies.

The site has an intuitive GUI that allows users to search for high-energy facilities, specific beamlines, and deposition statistics. The BioSync website links to the Protein Data Bank (, as well as the Protein Structure Initiative Structural Biology Knowledgebase (PSI SBKB; and other websites that provide more information on light sources ( and the robotic handling systems employed at each of the beamlines ( This web resource can be accessed through the Methods hub of the PSI SBKB ( If you have any questions about the website, please email






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