Customized expression vector platform




A series of expression vectors used for protein production and different research activities are available.


A series of expression vectors used for protein production and different research activities are available [1-3]. These vectors use Gateway, FlexiVector, or restriction digestion cloning methods. The vector backbones have been modularized for simple exchange of promoters, affinity tags and solubility tags. Over seventy versions are currently available and support expression in bacteria, wheat germ lysates, and insect lysates. The vector pVP65 is one example, and provides in vivo cleavage of MBP-target fusion proteins to liberate a His8-target that can be used with automated IMAC purification procedures. Sequence verified genes can be transferred between each of these different expression platforms by simple, highly efficient methods. These vectors are available by completion of standard biological materials transfer agreement, and will be deposited in the NIH PSI-Materials Repository.




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[2] Thao S, Zhao Q, Kimball, Steffen E, Blommel PG, Riters M, Newman CS, Fox BG, Wrobel RL. "Results from high-throughput DNA cloning of Arabidopsis thaliana target genes using site-specific recombination." J Struct Funct Genomics 5(4):267-76 (2004). PubMed ID: 15750721 | Search SBKB Publications portal

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Vectors are available from the PSI:Biology-Materials Repository.


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